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I've gone and got a pressure washer!

couldn't resist, it was a bargain and the last in the shop
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Hello World
I'm moving over from LJ

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Big up to Bob Hoskins!
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lets see if this works then...
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"-To absent friends, lost loves, old gods, and the season of mists; and may each and every one of us always give the devil his due."

Hob Gadling, Season of Mists.
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just tidying up my LJ with lj-cut tags

ta to [ profile] westernind for the tags
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What Labyrinth Charater are you most like?

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here are the links that have amused me this week

“Am I An Otter or Not”

Be very afraid - test firing of the "Atomic Annie" 280mm Howitzer

"In May 1953, a 280-mm gun nicknamed "Atomic Annie" fired the first atomic
shell, which burst on target 7 miles away. This atomic artillery piece is now on display at the Field Artillery Museum, Fort Sill, Oklahoma."

Guardian award winning Blog from Scaryduck

The "Batman Returns" Batmobile is up on Ebay
bid currently US $156,355.55

found on Amazon:
"How to Good-Bye Depression: If You Constrict Anus 100 Times Everyday. Malarkey? or Effective Way?"
by Hiroyuki Nishigaki

anything with “Malarkey” in the title gets my vote

Scifi Geek Metal -

The Staring Game

Maze generator

Handlebar Moustaches!
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Trying to cut down my caffeine intake by stacking the empty cans on my desk instead of just binning them. Pile is now worryingly tall and I still need the stuff to get moving on a morning. arses
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well, i'm Still recovering from the Gathering. knackered...more later.

This weekends been a good one so far.
I'd not seen Gill since my sisters gallery opening last thursday, so we marked this weekend as time to spend doing stuff...
Yesterday was spent just relaxing and Chilling out, together.
Watched Pi (wonderful film, strange but cool) then down the pub with friends the wander town til the small hours. all good.

i wonder if the hebrew numerology bits of Pi are real?
Father + Mother = 44 , Child = 44

I like the Fibonacci numbers
0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13... (add the last two to get the next) you start seeing spirals in everything...

as a (lapsed) Discordian, I was waiting for things to add up to 23 ;) but 216 is close enough (by the rule of 5's)

2+1 =3 , 6/3 = 2
2+1+6 = 9 = 3*3 = 3

and today we're going to potter into Birminham, have lunch in a mad little chinese resturant and then go and see the film 'Insomnia'
and then I'm running D&D in the evening. (more demonic assassins I think, time to take the kid gloves off and hit them again with a hard fight before they can reload on spells/limit use per day items)

all in all a very good weekend so far.

and i've a book idea in my head, a random thought thats growing... i'll have to scribble it down and see if i can find a publisher willing to give me millions of pounds for it... anyone got any ideas how to do that?
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suffering from random sleep patterns again - aftermath of the Gathering I suppose. pushed my bodyclock round so i wake up in the morning and feel tired before midnight. unnatural if you ask me!

damn the 02 cockweasels.
new phone is now a month old - the moment of truth when I see if the dumbasses at 02 have everything right, and if it is Cheaper than Orange (those 500 texts/month should really help)
I get an email from them saying my bill is ready and to look on the Website to read it... and the whole bloody billing section of the website is dog slow - and when i finally get on the Billing section is down for maintenance. bastards.

sicillian ball coming up in leeds - got to get booking form in, new costume, bigger hat with more feathers, and a mask or three sorted. I love balls! especially masked ones ;)

thinking on Masks
nice ones on or , but I'm pondering something a little more "screaming mad george" than harlequin... or possibly several masks, so I can switch as my mood changes *grin*
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Back and knackered - ran around a lot, drank a bit, didn't eat enough, didn't sleep enough... and now suffering the usual post gathering burn out.
trying to do so much in one weekend is tricky.
but I managed to spend time in camp, talk to people, run a few encounters, get down the guilds, get my skills sorted, talk to the LT about compensation for my tent and still survive!
Now just got to get my head back to real life...
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What cartoon cat am I?
well apparently...

Which Cartoon Cat Are You? Quiz by gypsydance
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chair slams yesterday = 8
none so far today... people may be learning.
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I've just dropped all the MP3's on my machine into Winamp and hit Shuffle.
It's that sort of day.
waking late with a head of cotton wool, hardly knowing which way is up, let alone what i'm meant to be doing...
and only a few days left til the Gathering
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17. in the new office layout I'm sitting in the middle of the room, with a thin gap between my chair and the chair of the guy behind me.
and seventeen is the number of times someone going past has banged into me today.

also, I was used to sitting up a corner, so if people came over they were there to see me.
now I'm between 6 people and the door, kitchen and toilets. Plus there are several people in the office who are habitual wanderers. So they keep pottering over or stopping to talk to people near me and I turn to talk to them. so that’s my concentration out the window.

And it’s hot in here, even with the fans on.

it’s a wonder I’ve not killed anyone yet.

At least I’ve a rear view mirror on my monitor ;)
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Weathers broken I think - the skies are grey and promise rain... hope it's like this for the gathering, or i'll melt!

Got a new tent as a Birthday present from my folks. Which is cool - it's fairly big and looks pretty easy to put up. But it looks like I'm going to have to fight the LT to get anything for the damage to the old one.
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