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Birthdate:Jul 1
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

The current Muppet level is: Terror Alert Level

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alan moore, alchemy, alternate histories, anime, b3ta, bagpuss, batman, battle of the planets, betty page, books, booze, borges, brains, brom, caffeine, call of cthulhu, candyfloss vodka, castles, chaos, cheerleaders, cheese, chemistry, chivalry, chocolate, clangers, clark ashton smith, computer games, conspiracy theory, cooking, corsets, crayonboy, crumpets, cthulhu, cunning, cyberpunk, dave mckean, delta green, discordia, donnie darko, dreams, edmund dulac, eggshell boats, elvis, evil, fantasy, ferrets, films, fire, flashman, flying cars, food, foxes, fu manchu, fudge, gadgets, games, gaming, gargoyles, garlic, geisha, geodesic domes, getting inside people's heads, glossalia, goth, grant morrison, graphic novels, gustave klimt, h.p.lovecraft, h.r.giger, halo jones, hastur, hawksmoor churches, history, horror, hypercubes, illuminati, industrial music, italo calvino, kim newman, klimt, labyrinths, larp, league of extraordinary gentlemen, literature, lobsters, magpies, manga, mazes, memes, monkeys, monsters, movies, muppets, myths, nanotechnology, nature, neal stephenson, neds atomic dustbin, neil gaiman, nine inch nails, nyarlathotep, odd stuff, old childens tv, paranoia, pizza, planetary, poetry, polaroids, pop will eat itself, ranting, rats, reading, roleplaying games, rollins, sandman, sci-fi, science, science fiction, sergius hruby, shiny things, sleeping, sluggy, small gods, stourbridge, sushi, telling stories, terry pratchett, the invisibles, the king in yellow, the sisters of mercy, the yellow sign, time travel, transmetropolitan, trees, vampires, velcro, venture brothers, warren ellis, weasels, weirdness, whitby, whitby goth weekend, william gibson, wine, wonderstuff, writing, wrongness, yog sothoth, zenith
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