Aug. 4th, 2002

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phones are evil. just switched to o2 as it works out shedloads cheaper than orange... nice new Nokia 3410 free, phone works fine... but the online stuff is broken.
meant to be able to get an up to yesterady itemised bill online, but it doesn't work.

and yesterday, just after i mailed a LOAD of people telling them my new number it starts playing up. texts were just not getting through.

This morning i tried a trick an Orange engineer told me - log off your network, onto another, wait for it to reject and then log back onto your network.
et viola! 11 text messages.
bloody network

Saw 'Mullholland Drive' Yesterday with Gill. we were pottering round Birmingham in the sun - way too hot and crowded.
at least one mad little old lady fainted - she was wearing a jumper and coat in that heat!
shopping for birthday presents, cards and stuff.
then to the Electric cinema, where they were showing it back to back with 'Memento'... but that would have been WAY too weird.
Very cool film, reminds me of 'Lost Highway' - (Minor Spoiler)the way the characters switch around and become other people.

the man with the Terrible Face... the significance of metallic blue. and the whole scene is Club Silencio... Gill's the more musical by far, and speaks more languages... she almost squeaked when she recognised the song being in Spanish *grin*

get back at three am to find a huge cut in my carpet - apparently the wiring of the lights downstairs has gone mental and they had to go through the carpet to get the boards up. still doesn't work properly, looks like the switch is out of the circuit somehow...

today i've a LOAD of tidying and throwing out to do. Feel the need to unclutter my life
and track down what the hell has happened to half of my comics collection... i hate it when you lend people stuff and don't get it back... or forget until you want it, months later...


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